God’s Standard of Holiness

“You shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

(Matthew 5:48).

Some people say, “I’m a pretty good person. I’ve never done anything REALLY bad.” But we need to understand that God’s standard for us is perfection! Now before you yell, “Unfair!” remember – He is the Owner; so He gets to make the rules.

What are God’s rules?

The ’10 Commandments’ are a summary of God’s rules for every person. Here’s what they teach us:

1.We may worship no one (and nothing) else but the true God.

2.We should not have any wrong thoughts about God and should only worship Him as taught in the Bible.

3.We must not use the name of God thoughtlessly or as a swear word.

4.We must keep Sunday as a special day set apart for God and complete our work on the other six days of the week.

5.We must respect and love our parents and obey them.

6.We must not murder or have hateful thoughts about other people.

7.We must not commit adultery with our bodies or in our minds.

8.We must not steal.

9.We must not tell lies.

10.We must not be jealous of others people’s possessions.

Find out if you’ve really kept all of God’s rules.

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