What is God Like?

God is the Creator and Owner of Everything –

Because God made us, we are His property. He has rights over us. Practically, this means that we are obligated to obey and honor Him. The owner gets to make the rules. It’s like flying on a commercial airline – there are certain rules you are obligated to follow simply because the airline (owner) says so. As Creator, God has exclusive rights over His creation.

God is Love –

God is not disinterested and uninvolved in the universe He created. He is actively and intimately engaged in His world. The Bible says that He is a God of love, and His love is demonstrated in countless ways. The rain, the air we breathe, the sunshine, the sheer beauty of creation – all of these things come from God and are evidences of His love for us.


God is Holy –

God’s love is a holy love. This means that He is absolutely perfect and pure. He does no wrong – ever. This also means He hates anything that is impure. He has a holy hatred of evil. In light of the fact that we are obligated to obey God, the concept of absolute holiness has huge implications for us.

Find out about God’s standard of holiness.

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